About the Blog

(our wedding day April 2010)

Learning to Live a Surrendered Life is a chronicle of sorts...

Our journey to discover and embrace what Grace is really about and learn how to dance with it....not just define the word…but actually live it out in the beauty and messiness of life what it means to follow Christ...not just as individuals but in our marriage and as a family.  

This dance takes many forms.  It is never the same for any of us.  As we surrender to God's message of the Gospel, in His Grace, He dances with us.  

He takes the bumps and bruises, dents and scratches of our ordinary lives and transforms them into an extraordinary work of beauty that is evidence of His power and love. God uses what the world deems as unusable to accomplish the impossible.

The ironic thing is, that it is only through learning to live fully surrendered to God that He can transform our weakness with His strength...and it is in this dance that we find true freedom...dancing together at the foot of the Cross.  

**The thoughts, views, and opinions shared on this blog are our own and do not reflect a stated position of our church or other organizations with which we are associated.  Any concerns or questions, please contact us at learningtoliveasurrenderedlife@gmail.com.