About Us

Will Pershing
Will has lived many adventures in places such as Arizona, Kentucky, New Mexico, Louisiana, and now in Missouri.  Although over the years, he has lived his journey as a student, musician, singer, teacher, band director, Worship Minister, drug and alcohol counselor and now as freelance writer, blogger, website designer...he is happiest when he is at home with his family serving God as husband, to his beautiful wife Mary Joy, and Dad to Annelyse, Joshua, and Michael. Will is a reformed charismatic who's passion is sharing the Gospel as he follows Christ as he leads his family.

He is a graduate of Western New Mexico University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music.  He has completed some graduate work in Bible, Theology and Music at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY and Arizona College of the Bible in Glendale, Arizona and also in music education at Western New Mexico University .  With all that said...He considers his Dad, John Pershing, a retired Pastor and Missionary, his greatest teacher and likes to say that he earned his PhD at the University of the Kitchen Sink.

Mrs. Mary Joy Pershing
Mrs. Mary Joy Pershing has lived many adventures in places such as Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and also Virginia.  Although over the years, she has lived her journey as a  student, youth minister, educational director, retreat/seminar speaker training lay people for youth ministry leadership, executive assistant, business entrepreneur and now as a blogger and free lance writer….she is happiest when she is living her passion ministering at home serving God as a help-meet to her husband Will, mom to Annelyse, and  home educating/mothering Joshua and Michael. Mary is a passionate Christ Follower who is excited about teaming up with her husband in this new blog ministry.  (She will post an article soon explaining the story behind why she has chosen to use the signature, Mrs. Mary Joy Pershing.)

She is a graduate of Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas with a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry with a minor in Music Ministry with additional coursework in Psychology, Sociology, and Education.