Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Homeschool Life in our Family

Our family is really enjoying our new homeschooling adventure!

In June we started with studying God's Word to learn about our home and family as community...then we started studying our town as a community.

Michael, our 3 yr old, is learning his colors by finding "treasures" around the house that are the primary and secondary colors...

One of his favorite colors is yellow (this week!)

Red is a favorite because of the ever motivating "Easy button"! 
(I'll share more about motivation miracles it performs soon...LOL)

All of our children have been enjoying our first Unit Study as we learn about our local community...the tiny town we live in.  Last week we took a walking tour to discover some of the history by visiting with people in our community...I learned as much as the children did!

The real "Frisco Rail Road" Caboose that is a favorite spot of our kids.  Marks the beginning of our town as a rail road town in 1864.

This Historic Houston House (built in the late 1800s) where the community soup meal volunteers visited with us and posed for a picture for Josh's Town Study Binder.

We visited our town hall and many other locations too...took lots of pictures to add to our research of our community...where it came from...what it is now...and how we can share the Gospel as members of it.  

On the edge of town we visited one of our family's favorite spots...The Little Piney River...

where we learned to splash our big sister...

skip stones...

This week we did some research into the history of the places we visited last week on-line.  Josh really got into it!  Tomorrow we will head to the Little Piney Community Park to help with some planting and weeding as volunteers...our first step into serving our community.  Then we will head to the river to cool off afterward!

Will and I talked today and decided that to take the month of July to just relax, use teachable moments and natural learning, reading aloud together, board games, some movies, crafts and enjoy summer fun as a family.  This way we can really enjoy our final couple of weeks with our daughter Annie before she goes home to her Mom's house too.  

So this afternoon we took a little time to just enjoy a beautiful summer day in our backyard...trying out the new sprinkler soaker that one of their grandmas gave them...

We will move into a Unit Study I am putting together on our state of Missouri closer to the beginning of August.  Josh is completely fascinated by the Missouri road map we put on the wall in our dining room.  He is glued to it announcing cities and towns as he finds them!  It should be fun!

It is an amazing experience figuring out the best ways for our family to learn together and as individuals.  The excitement in their eyes and the natural curiosity about things we are studying is such a blessing.   Its a work in progress...but one that I wouldn't trade for the world!

So there you have it.  A small peek into the beginnings of our summer homeschool experience.  

Question:  What are some ways that your family enjoys learning together in the summer time?  We would love to hear about them!

Dancing with our family at the foot of the Cross,

Mrs Mary Joy Pershing