Friday, July 8, 2011

A week with our family in review...

We've had a week filled with summer fun, learning adventures, special projects, and lots of cooking!

Annie and Michael playing follow the leader in the soaker sprinkler

Josh celebrating victory as he finished a USA Map puzzle by himself!

Celebrating with our town at the town fireworks display on Independence Weekend!

I had to try taking a picture of the display...this is the best one I got...I still have a lot to learn but it was fun!

Lots of fun family cooking with our daughter while she was with us this week! 
(This is whole wheat tortillas)

Michael decided to bake his own "Lego Cookies" to share with all of us while we were cooking.  
He LOVES to pretend cook for us!

We've had trips to our favorite public library...playing board games...lots of lego building and trucks and cars and a few airplane creations and some relaxed learning thrown in!  We've had lots of reading aloud, pretend playing, tickle wars, and walks around our town, staying up late watching family movies...and my new favorite evening activity...Family Bible/Worship Time which we are now enjoying led by Will on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after dinner.  

Today Will and I will be going on a short date to town in the morning...with the gift of free babysitting of her brothers by Annie!  Later in the afternoon, Josh, Michael and I will be finishing up our homemade birthday cards for Annie...then after the littles go to bed, Annie and I will be working on a special writing project together!

And tomorrow we celebrate Annie's Sweet Sixteen with a small family celebration at home.  Her actual birthday is on Tuesday, July 12...but her last week of her summer visit comes to an end on we will make sure she is showered with love before she leaves!  

She has picked her favorite dinner that she wants to make with me...a Tex-Mex chicken rice with rotel tomatoes, onions, green peppers, corn a few other things and some fun seasonings followed by sugar free chocolate cupcakes topped with lite cool whip, crowned with a whole strawberry. (She wanted something that her Dad could enjoy with us.  Such a sweetie!)

We are hoping to have a special guest post on Tuesday to celebrate her birthday...Yay!

Will and Annie have been working on some special projects for his private music lesson studio and with me on our super special top secret  It is SOOOO hard for me to keep this secret!!!!

Question:  So what has your family been up to this week?  Are you enjoying the summer?

Dancing with my family at the foot of the Cross,

Mrs Mary Joy Pershing